GingerDEAD Men

If you hear a spooky crumbling sound from the kitchen in the middle of the night…beware! It just might be the restless, sugar-overloaded spirits of the Gingerdead Men. Make no bones about it, you've never seen cookies like these. Your only defence is to eat them before they eat you!



  1. Mark Brown

    thats wicked! I want one! lol

  2. Christine Marie

    Mandy Lee Epp.

  3. Christine Marie

    Mandy Lee Epp.

  4. Jaimee Williams

    Ryan Matlaga

  5. Linda D’Addona

    That would be great for halloween

  6. Jessie Isobell Tapp

    Charlene Anderson Shane Wood.

  7. Debbie Porter

    anyway we can get these in oz.

  8. Betty Leonard


  9. Devina Soares

    how do you order one?

  10. Lynne Sawyer

    Ideal for Halloween

  11. Stop the Bloody Cull


  12. Lou Parson

    Want want want

  13. Jackie Stoppani

    Lol, hv to get these!

  14. Sylvia Bulman

    good for halloween parties

  15. Jo Harrison

    Look fluff lol

  16. Jo Harrison

    Fluff-paula Walker X

  17. Corinna Burtchell

    Too cute!!!! I WANT!

  18. Suzanne Hilton

    I wanted one of these but it turns out Amazon wont deliver 🙁

  19. Jane Talango

    para noviembre! (:

  20. Jane Talango

    para noviembre! (:

  21. Jane Talango

    Dayam Talango

  22. Jane Talango

    Dayam Talango

  23. Wendy Voss


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