Giant Floating Island

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Invite your friends for the ultimate pool party with this awesome giant floating island! It can hold up to 6 people and features 4 cup holders, 2 coolers, 1 Boarding platform and an anchor for when using the float in the sea.

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  1. Marcy Goff

    I want this so badly!!!!

  2. Stacey Mahoney

    Nicola Lewis can we get one???

  3. Kourtnee Bolton

    OMG how cool is that! I want one of these toooooooooooo!

  4. Kourtnee Bolton

    OMG how cool is that! I want one of these toooooooooooo!

  5. Rebecca Snipp

    i want one

  6. Alexia Lapointe

    i want it :O

  7. Andy Harrison Midland Breakz

    any chance of getting 1 of these in ibiza any where 🙂

  8. Stacia Smith Werner


  9. Skye Banek Fillmore

    we have seen these on the lake- they are ginormous LOL!

  10. Tonya Robinson

    Sam's club has this in the summer, except it has a cooler between the people. 150$ just saying….

  11. Tonya Robinson

    I'm sorry it's the exact one, this one dies have coolers. It is a great float though.

  12. Tonya Robinson

    150$ at Sam's club in the summer!!!

  13. Lesley Colecliffe

    I really want this Kyla go to the site. You will want everything I no I do

  14. Alyssa Warren

    My family bought one for vacation last year, it's really cool. Unfortunately the box is really heavy and it takes forever to blow up. Other than that though, it's awesome to use. Definitely recommend to everyone

  15. VacaZon Vacation Rentals

    Need a sandbox and an iPhone charger 😉

  16. Mary Anne Ong

    i want this hahahaha

  17. Daniel Coopmeiners


  18. Daniel Coopmeiners


  19. Marchela Aleksandrova

    How can i buy it

  20. Susie Maginnis

    how fun!!

  21. Ernest ErnDawg Gylphe III

    When you click on the "More Info" tab to order it, it brings you to, but Amazon DOES NOT have this same model in stock. They have a similar one, but not the one I want which is pictured above!

  22. Jus AintRite

    My babe wants this,but OK don't know that many people…..

  23. Jus AintRite

    But, You CAN pick it up at your local Sam's Club.$149.98 ijs…… *confirmed by me!

  24. Ernest ErnDawg Gylphe III

    Jus AintRite The one pictured above, or the one on Amazon?

  25. Jus AintRite

    That picture above is at Sam's the price beats Amazons price.

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