Forever Alone Statue

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Don't be alone this valentines day, With this forever alone statue you'll have someone to share those important days with and listen to your deepest fears, give you constructive criticism, and be your loyal buddy till you eventually get a real partner!



  1. Annemarie M Chartier

    No. Just NO. no one SHOULD EVER want this monstrosity…>_>.

  2. Surlay Gines-Cornell

    Ryan Cornell

  3. Zak Ibbott


  4. Chase Goetjen


  5. Wyatt Jeffords

    how retarded can you be to buy this.

  6. Amber DaFavorite Davis

    it's actually very creepy lol.

  7. Mephistos Richard West

    awwwwww perfect gift to a family member or best friend ^^.

  8. Habooy Mahmood

    what size is it?

  9. Frode Leonhardsen

    Martin Olav Flores Strand.

  10. Chaz Turberville

    The actual statue is like 5 dollars on the website. So, it wouldn't be bad at all for a humorous gift. I see Christmas gift potential. 🙂

  11. Keely Marie Yancey

    Honestly I wouldn't by this for anyone. They would be calling me back saying the thing is giving them nightmares. then want me to take it back! O.o no thanks.

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