Flying Alarm Clock

If you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings then this flying alarm clock is what you need! When the alarm goes off in the morning, the propeller is launched in the air meaning you have to jump out of bed to grab it and replace back on your clock to turn off the alarm!



  1. MissRee TerenaBianca IrishQueen

    Haha … I love this!
    It could make for very interesting mornings 😉

  2. Verity Webb

    I have one of these

  3. Shae Miller

    They sell them at Australia geographic. And they are a pain but they do the job and get you out of bed

  4. MissRee TerenaBianca IrishQueen

    Thanx Shae <3
    Will definitely have to get 1

  5. MissRee TerenaBianca IrishQueen

    Verity what do you think of it?!!!

  6. Verity Webb

    It's an annoying pain in the arse that won't shut up if you lose the rotor behind furniture you can't move easily

  7. Carolina Joya

    This is awesomeee! bahaha

  8. Renpen Nonya

    lindsey remember this at The Price is Right lol

  9. Timothy Johnson


  10. Ashley Carlisle

    i can see this dropping on my head early in the morning and me yelling," OW, SON OF A B***H!"

  11. Be Vi

    haha soooo buying this!!!

  12. Ana L. Leal

    kool… just what I need

  13. Be Vi


  14. Sanjeev Nanjiani

    i can imagine all of you dumbs don't have fans at home haan?

  15. Christopher Contant

    I just peed a little reading this

  16. Paige Boleman

    I had one of these and it woke me up every morning and NO it didn't interfere with the fan. I loved it until it lost a part of it in my room. It is totally worth buying!

  17. Paige Boleman

    It does not interfere with the fans

  18. Sanjeev Nanjiani

    Paige Boleman ohhh thanks

  19. Elise Loux

    I sleep on the top bunk so when it flies up all I will have to do is sit up to get it.

  20. Rose Wright

    Question: Is there a motor on it? Like does it continue to fly around the roomfor an extended period of time? Or does it fly up once then drop to the ground where you have to pick it up?

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