Finger Guard

This stainless steel finger guard is a must have tool for any kitchen. Protect your fingers while chopping up your favorite vegetables. Awesome!



  1. Brenda Brister

    Alicia Brister Ruiz and Marci Brister Pratt and Christi Arnett. We all need one of these! LOL

  2. Dale Belt

    or $2.25 on ebay.

  3. Vonne Bittercup

    Matthew! Look! Safety! I bet I would forget to use it…

  4. Freddy KC Hunt

    I need this.

  5. Uzzy Naeem

    but youre a man?
    thats for woman

  6. Kay Kay

    Love this

  7. Thumper Martin

    Bea Wil

  8. Lamont Armstrong


  9. Ezra Stevens

    rookie toys…

  10. Linda Unruh Boorse

    Price listed – $7.99. Clicked "more info" to place order – price $12.99. ??????

  11. Doreen Bentley

    I NEED this, cheaper than band aides and emergency room visits!

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