Faceless Watch

Gadget geeks will love this unique faceless watch! A modern and stylish design that looks great day or night. Press the top button to display the time. Available in a variety of colors.

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  1. Danny Rodd

    Jumps upto £14 inc Delivery..

  2. Rayon Warren

    I'm definitely getting one of these. Looks awesome

  3. Dillon Lyons

    how would you set the time in this?

  4. Dillon Lyons

    how would you set the time in this?

  5. Shavonne Bogan

    I wonder how it looks

  6. Mazen Toshka

    how can I buy it from cairo?

  7. Dave Edwards

    I got one off ebay….cost me a tenner!

  8. Brandon Bouc

    Linda and Richard should get me this for Christmas. ^_^

  9. James Oliver

    I'm guessing its plastic?

  10. Mark Henleys Hurley

    just bought 1 from amazon 🙂

  11. Sue Eastwood

    No it's stainless steel

  12. Hemang Mehta

    they have stolen it from

  13. Nick Burchell

    Moron. Its a product for sale, its sold on many sites, they haven 'stolen' it.
    Also, "MORE CHEAPER" is not right..

  14. Charles Varner

    I have one I got it for 6 dollars its pretty cool there's 2 buttons and u click one to check the time and it shuts off after that the time doesn't constantly show so it saves battery

  15. Mathieu England

    isn't that my watch? i've looked everywhere for it

  16. Hemang Mehta

    i'll kick ur ass hard u son of son of a bitch

  17. Mikee Benz

    Haha bless lol

  18. Brandon Bradsley

    If anyone wants to buy me this please do

  19. Mike Robert Drew

    Mark Drew pls?

  20. Mike Robert Drew

    Mark Drew pls?

  21. Mike Schimshuk

    You enjoy your countries stupidity and stop involving mine
    God Bless the US of A

  22. Jordan Bolton

    flipkart only delivers in india you cock

  23. Jordan Bolton

    Mike Schimshuk the only country that drags other countries into the problems that they can't handle haha good one cock face haha move on

  24. Jonathan Jones

    Jordan Bolton We've handled quite a lot on our own. It's usually all the other countries can't help themselves so we help them. WW1, Korea, Operation Desert Storm, Kuwait, Korea, Vietnam, should I keep going?

  25. MzLady Bug

    Waste of money!!!! Husband bought one and it broke within the first few days!

  26. George Bodziony

    Hemang Mehta Hard man ! HAHA

  27. Dorian Harman

    Guys…I think hemang is right here, I mean…he works at Facebook.

  28. Matthew Halstead

    Hemang Mehta ctfu

  29. Brittni Glassco

    Mama nice stockin stuffer I like the white on

  30. Linz Jones

    is it any good?

  31. David Dennis

    Ooooo he works at Facebook who cares doesn't make him a god jeez just means he has a job

  32. Shelley Gipson Reed

    puts it on upside down

  33. Blade Silivetelo

    I want to buy one but, i havent bought off the internet and i dont know if its trustworthy, not a dud or anything. Has anyone bought one and tell me what its like? Thanks 🙂

  34. Jon Mccoy

    David Dennis actually it means he doesn't have a job !! we spends all day on FB ??

  35. Jon Mccoy

    David Dennis actually it means he doesn't have a job !! we spends all day on FB ??

  36. Nick Burchell

    Hemang Mehta HAHAHAHA bless him :')

  37. Ghost

    Jonathan Jones are we talking about the same Americans who have shot at our British troops and our civilians on several occasions :/ should i keep going?

  38. Hemang Mehta

    i am a student DAVID DENNIS JON MCCOY

  39. Greg Mercado


  40. Xavier Bourne

    yea how you should set the time? is there any botton?

  41. Drew Chapman

    The sucky thing about this is that u can't see the time in the day time

  42. Kevin Fisher

    This Product is a Replica of the Original thats Rarely made, I bought mine from a Different site last year for same price and the quality of it is Expected. Looks Great but not good Quality

  43. Siku Mahayi


  44. Brian Gomez

    this product is terrible try looking at the time in daylight; it's a pos

  45. Anthony Jackson

    That's something I'd do…

  46. Anthony Jackson

    That's something I'd do…

  47. Sinha Empire

    I regret buying this.

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