Drink Dispenser

Nobody likes a flat soda, and now you'll never have one again with this drink dispenser! This simple yet effective design will keep the fizz from soft drinks right until the last drop. Twist the dispenser onto your drinks bottle and turn it upside down ready to use.



  1. Alexis Abigail Fuller

    Melissa Marie Fuller, we need this!

  2. Rogelio Lopez

    this is a good idea Lupe Diaz Adela Carlin Bertha Diaz.

  3. Rogelio Lopez

    this is a good idea Lupe Diaz Adela Carlin Bertha Diaz.

  4. Mike Benjamin


  5. Mike Benjamin


  6. Mattias Borgström

    Good idea but badly put together, from what I've read, after you start using it, it's either going to constantly leak, or you have to drill it up to be able to get the soda to actually be able to flow through it.

  7. Colin Ferguson

    Richard Oxley you need these.

  8. Martin Keen


  9. Kim Gagne

    I wish it was taller so you didn't have to keep it over the edge of the table. Most dispensers leak and I wouldn't want it to make a mess on my floor. Love the idea though!

  10. Majd Moufarrej

    Do you deliver to United Arab Emirates

  11. Maryam Brown

    Keana Sigourney OllierJosh Holding omg omg omg.

  12. Lorraine Pickles

    Need one!!

  13. Reuben Asher Godden

    ihad a thing like is but it has hardly any preassure and you get more of a drip than a stream.

  14. Paul Norris

    None of these comments were helpful. Lame.

  15. Savannah Brady

    Do u deliver to Australia

  16. Simon John Twigg

    I got one of these through eBay. Takes about 10 mins to fill a glass and yes it leaked. I sent a message with my grievances and the service was great and a new one was promptly sent to me. But sadly it was the same. Save your money

  17. Lyn Brookes

    Don't drink fizzy drinks, they are full of phosphoric acid to make your bones full of holes and aspartame to rot your brain

  18. Cindy Puentes

    This seems like a good idea for a party. 🙂 or get together.

  19. Nikhil Koppikar

    Do you deliver to India too?

  20. Toni-Anne Sayward

    Love it

  21. Hannah Dickman

    looks cool but just dont have the money actually i have NONE!!!!!

  22. Junjunhernan Gecosala

    I need one of those :'(

  23. Heather Clark Howell


  24. Heather Clark Howell


  25. Jose Jack Lozano

    This is really cool!!

  26. Barbie Caserta

    I want these!

  27. Jose Bravo

    Had to buy on the spot OMG I love soda

  28. Claire Smith

    Love it

  29. Cody Nightingale


  30. Thea Crutchley


  31. Anthony Miller


  32. Tamara Ringo Johnson

    How do I purchased this item

  33. Katherine Smith

    click moreinfo

  34. Liam Hollis

    Dawn Hopkins

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