Chemistry Cocktail Set


It's time to get your safety goggles on and start experimenting! This chemistry cocktail set is a fun way to create and mix tasty cocktails. Includes two beakers, one flask, one shaker-shaped vessel and a glass stirring stick. Awesome!

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  1. Jolly Blackburn

    so need this for the game room. I can put koolaide in it — right?

  2. Victoria MommaVicky Wiggs

    I'd ne afraid of getting this for Ash, he might actually use it for actual sciencey things

  3. Teresa Jeannette DuBois

    Wish we had this for the other Directors gift!

  4. Gabbie Parry

    I'd like ago of this lol

  5. Kathryn Tonks

    Joe Hadley I saw this and thought of you! x

  6. Sara Blackburn

    How wicked are these?? I so want a set!!

  7. Aneesa Heyward

    I wannttt ittttt

  8. Rich O Rama


  9. Ayci Se

    Hahahaha wooooow

  10. Michelle Mccue

    Love this

  11. Norma Castillo

    its cute i want it!!!! =D

  12. Christian Habib

    soooo cool

  13. John Jones

    great idea

  14. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    That is really aweosme

  15. Elizabeth Meredith

    For my husband Jason Meredith.

  16. Elizabeth Meredith

    For my husband Jason Meredith.

  17. Andrea Cruz

    I soo want this!!!

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