Catapult Pencil

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Cause some mischievous mayhem while your bored in class with this catapult pencil! It's made from natural wood and features a slingshot at the top. It launches objects at a surprisingly fast speed!

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  1. Chastity Marie Embick

    I got in trouble once for using one of those giant ass pencils in school. I'd probably get a weeks worth detention with this. lol

  2. Edmund Shemanski

    Pretty sure that is a slingshot, not a catapult.

  3. Erick Gerardo

    damn i would use this in school

  4. Nicole Diane Harmon

    My boyfriend wants this lol

  5. Nicole Diane Harmon

    Zach McFurry

  6. Rionach Nic Conmara

    How much is it …. in euro

  7. Mia Kyla Aninon

    I will probably get this

  8. Amanda Williamson

    My brother spent 6 weeks in jail for having a slingshot

  9. Robert Eriksson

    Holy Santa Clause s**t. Can you imagine if we had these when we were 12? Even better. We got them when we're 40.

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