Car Interior Light Kit

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Pimp your ride and impress your friends with this car interior LED light kit! They're easy to install and can be placed wherever you like to create a neon glow that looks awesome during night time cruising!

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  1. Denise Whitehead

    Where does utter plug in? Or is it battery operated?

  2. Lee Nazer

    I want these LED light kit !

  3. Meesha Malik

    Does it come in any other color than blue?

  4. Leo Aguirre

    They would connect to the battery and any ground you find that works

  5. Sunny Brar

    i want

  6. Mark Rogers, and both have LED kits, in several different colors

  7. Adham Carlos

    What if I want 4 of it ?

  8. Danny Main

    ebay cheaper

  9. Tyler Walthers is waay better they have a variety of items to choose from. Better quality too

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