Car Interior Light Kit


Pimp your ride and impress your friends with this car interior LED light kit! They're easy to install and can be placed wherever you like to create a neon glow that looks awesome during night time cruising!


  1. Denise Whitehead

    Where does utter plug in? Or is it battery operated?

  2. Lee Nazer

    I want these LED light kit !

  3. Meesha Malik

    Does it come in any other color than blue?

  4. Leo Aguirre

    They would connect to the battery and any ground you find that works

  5. Sunny Brar

    i want

  6. Mark Rogers, and both have LED kits, in several different colors

  7. Adham Carlos

    What if I want 4 of it ?

  8. Danny Main

    ebay cheaper

  9. Tyler Walthers is waay better they have a variety of items to choose from. Better quality too

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