Bluetooth Enabled Smart Fork


If your guilty of eating too quickly then later suffering with a full, bloated stomach then you need the help of this Bluetooth enabled smart fork! It lights up and vibrates when you're eating too fast! After 15-20 minutes of slower paced eating, you'll feel satisfied and will have consumed fewer calories. Great for those wanting healthier lifestyles through eating.


  1. Heather Stafford


  2. Lindsey Deere


  3. Sara Balmbra

    What a great way to feed the world BULLSHIT.

  4. Timothy Michael DiBlasi


  5. Todd Scripter


  6. Terrance Leaningtowardsthefuture White

    This is perfect for my older brother lls

  7. Aly Duprey

    I whould love this if it wasent really overpriced

  8. Sierra Gatz

    Alicia gatz

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