Bluetooth Enabled Smart Fork

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If your guilty of eating too quickly then later suffering with a full, bloated stomach then you need the help of this Bluetooth enabled smart fork! It lights up and vibrates when you're eating too fast! After 15-20 minutes of slower paced eating, you'll feel satisfied and will have consumed fewer calories. Great for those wanting healthier lifestyles through eating.

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  1. Heather Stafford


  2. Lindsey Deere


  3. Sara Balmbra

    What a great way to feed the world BULLSHIT.

  4. Timothy Michael DiBlasi


  5. Todd Scripter


  6. Terrance Leaningtowardsthefuture White

    This is perfect for my older brother lls

  7. Aly Duprey

    I whould love this if it wasent really overpriced

  8. Sierra Gatz

    Alicia gatz

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