Blooming Flower Baby Bath

This blooming flower baby bath is a cute alternative to the traditional hard plastic tubs. Its so soft and comfortable for your baby, they wont want to get out again! The flower is available in different colors to suit your tastes.

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  1. Mick Nomiddlename Ewing

    That's pretty cool. It's not really a bath though, is it? It's just the cushion in a sink. Still awesome though.

  2. Susan Van Barriger-Thomas


  3. Ceci King


  4. Susan Holloway

    I know someone who needs this.

  5. Bliss McCaw

    so cute! Hazel Caroline Anson how much do yuou love this?

  6. Will Stott

    Your website falsely says this is 34.99…. link to buy it on amazon, its 44.99…

  7. Hannah Raine Mahiya

    Does the baby come with it too? or do I have to make my own?

  8. Pearl Buffett

    how the hell do u order@!!???

  9. Corina Mihailescu

    Click on More Info button. Takes you to the Amazon page.

  10. Vicky Velarde

    For my twin grandbabies girls

  11. Angela Nikki Perry

    So cute!!

  12. Britney Dubbs

    I love this!

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