Blood Bag Shower Gel

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Shower in true horror movie style with this gruesome blood bag shower gel! It’s designed to look like a blood transfusion bag and features a rope for easy hanging. It may look exactly like blood, but at least it doesn’t smell like blood!  It has a luscious cherry scent leaving you smelling sweet and feeling fresh!



  1. Starla Patterson

    Alexis Ferguson- we also need this…

  2. Jorge Enrique Minguez

    Un gel perfecto para la noche de difuntos..jehehhe

  3. Katrina Smith

    hahahahahahahhahahahahahha I want to freak people out when they come over this would be funny and realistic if I got into character about it.

  4. Aneesa Heyward

    hahahaaa awesomee

  5. Margaret Chesnick-Webb

    WHat you can find on fb?

  6. Margaret Chesnick-Webb

    NO thank you!

  7. Marla Prow Brown

    I think I will order one of these….smells like cherry after all…

  8. Gabbie Lavoie

    Marie-eve 😀

  9. Sam Vaille

    I bathe in the blood of my enemies…XD

  10. Sissy Jo

    Alex Otting check this out

  11. Juli Rose Marckstadt

    Barbs Marckstadt

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