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Giant Inflatable Lounger


Party in the water, party off the water! There’s room for 8 with cup holders all around and a comfortable mesh bottom surface. With the included 16 quart cooler, you can throw the ultimate pool party on the water.


  1. Everyone’s Perfect

    OMG, so awesome!

  2. Nana’s Photos

    Summer time is around the corner lol

    • Sandy Paynter Toler

      I will buy this and you come to my house and we will lay on it all day…..eat and laugh!!!!

  3. Jennifer King

    this ones for you caroline xx.

  4. Nona Costello

    Sherry Costello

  5. Nona Costello

    Sherry Costello

    • Sherry Costello

      Hell yes!

    • Sherry Costello

      Hell yes!

  6. Nichole MacLeod

    Kevin MacLeod you need this for your lake in the summer! lol

    • Kevin MacLeod

      Hey Nichole we already have one. We got it last year. Lol

  7. Lene Maria Andreassen

    Noen som blir med å spleise eller? 🙂

  8. Lene Maria Andreassen

    Noen som blir med å spleise eller? 🙂

  9. Heather Jensen

    Want it!!!

  10. Heather Jensen

    Want it!!!

  11. Heather Jensen

    Want it!!!

  12. Betty Leonard

    There's a party right there!

  13. Jeffery Benitez

    Hmm wish my own for my best buddies!

  14. Brandon Miller

    why is the price through you guys 381.36 but when u click more info it takes you to the amazon site where the price is only 299. awesome inventions is acting as middle man to amazon and tacking on an additional 82 bucks.

    • Brandon Miller

      now its changed lol…dont like to be called out?

    • Brandon Miller

      its still 3 cent higher through u guys

  15. Pedro Lopez

    Lets go tubbing

  16. Jon Samuel-Realtor

    Megan Holt Lets take this to penticton!

    • Herb Basi


  17. Chanda Jaleese


  18. Tenisha Wilkerson

    Hahaha! I love this!

  19. Jill Conway

    the ultimate houseboat accessory!

  20. Shelley Bailey


  21. Dan L. Minard

    Need this for the river…