Baby Mermaid Costume

This hand made crochet knitted baby mermaid costume will look so cute on your baby you wont want to take it off again! Featuring a headband, bikini top and mermaid tail.

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  1. Helen May

    What about this Julie Wetherell??
    So cute x

  2. Julie Wetherell

    you buy the costume and i'll take your pic in it helen…lol.

  3. Helen May

    I know someone who could knit it Alexandra Tait??????

  4. Susan Robinson

    so cute!

  5. Kerry Cat

    This is probably why I am not allowed kids!

  6. Bliss McCaw

    SO FREAKING CUTE! Shieylah Angel-lee Rose Wilson, Casey-Lee Perrin, Jacinta Peryer, Kayla Crossley-Coe…. You mainly have boys but HOW CUTE IS THIS.

  7. Danielle Bret

    So very cute!!!!

  8. Danielle Bret

    Ashley Orr

  9. Kerrin Bochman

    Julie McCartney

  10. Bev Graham

    sooo cute…Helena Frietas.

  11. Kirsty Lou Lou Lawton

    Josie Louise Lawton Can we get one of these 🙂 love it <3 xxx.

  12. Samantha Walden

    Kristen Marie Schmidt you need to make these.

  13. Josie Louise Lawton

    awwwww <3 xXx

  14. Hannah Raine Mahiya

    Way too slut up your baby :L.

  15. She Mae Rautbort

    Emily Rautbort I hope I can get this before the baby gets here…remind me if you like it.

  16. Jorgy Bianca

    so cute

  17. Angie Briere

    This is just too cute

  18. Pillows McGee

    Super cute for Kali!

  19. Pillows McGee

    Ginger Stanger, Crystal Simpson for Kali girl this would be soooo cute!!

  20. Megan Noyes

    Aww I wish I could he that 4 my babe sis

  21. Bethany Scott


  22. Melissa Devlin

    OMG!! LOL!

  23. Marjorie Markham Breslin

    Nicole what do you think for Sophie?

  24. Gavin Hardy

    I'm so getting this if we have a little princess

  25. Deborah Wheeler

    Megan how about this one then

  26. Deborah Wheeler

    Or this one Megan

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