14 Impressive Examples Of Embroidery You Will Love

Designer Danielle Clough has a brilliant talent and passion for embroidery. She finds the act of sewing rhythmic and calming, feeling great reward in not only the finished product, but the process itself. Although Danielle often uses traditional canvasses for her work, she can even embroider on unexpected items such as tennis rackets! We love the incredible detail and vibrant colors that make the final results wonderfully eye catching and unique. Take a look and check out Danielle’s website via the link below!
Website: DanielleClough

A gorgeous blue paper petals design.

Chewbacca like you’ve never seen him before!

We would love to master the skill of embroidery.

‘Hand Naai’

A beautiful humming bird.

‘Molly’ the dog.


A cute pineapple pendant!

We adore the shades of pink in this design.

Give someone a rose in a different way!


A quirky skull pendant.

Steve Zissou!

A lovely set of tulips.