Hilarious History Memes That Should Be Shown In History Class

Learning and researching history is something you should always dedicate time to because it’s hugely important to educate yourself on the things that shaped our world to be what it is today! Although the events in our history aren’t all fun and happy, there’s no shortage of interesting topics. Sometimes, however, you do just want to see the humorous side of things. So, here we have some hilarious history memes that are themed around the irony and logic of certain people and events. Take a look! 

Wisdom from a WWII veteran on how to identify a unit. Amusing, however, we’d rather not risk being blown up! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Elisha Gray and Alexander Bell telephone controversy, we recommend doing some research. It’s really interesting! 

Irony at its finest! 

This would have been a difficult task. However, it’s the effort that counts!

This is pretty much what we envision. However, the head spikes could be spikier. 

In conclusion, guys are definitely capable of starting drama and people should read more history books! 

It’s always good to remember, no matter how hard you feel you’ve messed up, someone out there has done something way worse!

It’s terrible how much damage and tragedy can stem from one small thing. 

We wouldn’t have wanted to be the one to break the news… 

When your bae is home alone, nothing will stop you from getting to them! However, that wall looks pretty thick… 

We all know that one person who just cannot refrain from getting all political. At least sometimes their stupidity is amusing! 

Pocahontas may have been on to something here…

Does anyone else have the song stuck in their head now?

The look on Henry VIII’s face when he had his epiphany… 

Christopher Columbus is not someone who you would like to see rock up to your hometown… 

Switzerland know how to chill.

Too soon? Whilst we think this is savage, someone saw a product opportunity and took it! 

It always seems that they do more harm than good! 

When an image perfectly sums up your life…