People Reveal Their Biggest Dating Related Pet Peeves

Dating as a whole can be a minefield of differing experiences. Some people go on 1 date and find their true love whilst others go on many dates to not find even 1 person that they can see a future with. Everyone has their different ideals when it comes to what they want from a partner. Unfortunately, finding this special person can be tricky when it comes to the world of online dating. Here we have a list of people revealing their biggest dating related pet peeves. Take a look!
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Whether or not you agree with this statement, we don’t think anyone should be told what they should do with their own hair! It’s their choice! 

What’s the point? No one wants to put up a charade forever. 

Some people hate this! 

Amen to this! That presumption is so outdated. 

It takes a few seconds to wipe a mirror! 

We think the term this person is looking for is ‘time wasters’.

What’s the point in posting pictures that your potential suitors can’t tell which one is you?

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You want to feel relaxed not interrogated! 

This is plain rude if you ask us. 

Whilst we agree with the main point, maybe they are commenting on those things because they don’t know about your mind and your soul yet…

Why are people so afraid to talk with their voices these days? 

We agree. The filters are fun but they don’t accurately represent you! 

We would have to agree with all of these! 

Some people struggle to be outgoing but you’ve got to give the other person something to work with!