Caricature Artist Rodney Pike Inserts Rowan Atkinson’s Face Into Historic Paintings With Hilarious Results

If you’ve ever thought that what historic paintings are lacking is a bit of Rowan Atkinson, then read on! Caricature artist Rodney Pike has inserted the face of the actor behind Mr. Bean into various classic paintings, because… well, why not?! Not only are the results hilarious, they’re actually very skillfully done. Although they are humorous because you’re aware that it’s Rowan Atkinson’s face, if you didn’t know better, you might believe that Atkinson was the original subject of some of these paintings. Talking about his work, Pike has said…

“I make no statements with my work. It’s simply for fun. It’s just a really cool bonus that I get paid for doing this stuff. Love my job! I’ve created over 40 photo-manipulations using Rowan Atkinson for the main subject over the course of 3 or 4 years and he is by far my most popular subject.”










This is funny stuff! Love him as the Mona Lisa!

Source: Rodney Pike