15 Awesome Ways To Jazz Up Your Kids’ Boring School Lunches


Sending your kid off to school with a sandwich, an apple and a granola bar all wrapped up in a brown paper bag is pretty standard parenting behavior. But does your child really appreciate you for your school lunch efforts? Or are they the kid constantly trying, (and failing) to trade their lunch items with the other kids' more appetizing fare? The good news is, as long as you have the time and inclination, it's totally possible to create the most fantastic and creative school lunches, ones that will see your kid become the envy of the playground. Be warned, some of the excellent ideas featured below take a decent chunk of time to prepare. Others, however are easy as pie! Take a look, and save your kid from school lunch hell forever! 


Get your child to consume healthy fruits and vegetables easier with this novel idea…Ants On A Log!


Make your child feel extra special, by gift wrapping lunch items on occasions. This can apply to birthdays and holidays alike and will make lunch seem that much more exciting.  


Present snack items in muffin cups. Kids like anything that looks cool, after all!


Get inventive with the idea of sushi rolling. You can make sushi rolls with fruit, veg, and even dessert! Check out these rice krispies peanut butter banana sushi roll. Instructions here.


Make cute, fresh mini-pizzas, easily, at home. Instructions here.


Transform your snack bags into dinky butterflies using a peg, pipe cleaners and a pair of stick-on eyes. Cute!


Roll up your sandwiches for variety, it is after all, the spice of life and your kids will appreciate it. Find lots of interesting pinwheel sandwich recipes here.


Send your kids off to school with a drink that's both delicious and filling… that's right, a homemade smoothie. Delicious!



Mac and Cheese in bite sized pieces perfect for school lunches. What a great idea!


Instead of opting for sugary processed juices, try sending the kids off with a bottle each of infused fruit water. Very creative and delicious too!


Investing in an uber-cool container for you child's lunch to be carried in instantly ups the kudos of the humble items inside. Try it!


Get really creative and make a lunch that's all connected to the same theme. Like this amazing "Under The Sea" lunch!


An easy way to spruce up lunch time for your child is to attach funny notes to the aforementioned lunch. Like these ones…


Make school lunch food come to life by the simple use of stickers. Like these ones…


Try putting food on skewers for a fun and mess-free way of enticing your kids to eat the usual grub. Try these amazing PB&J sandwich skewers. Get instructions here.

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