12 People Confess What They Don’t Like About Their Partners


Nobody’s perfect so no matter how much you love a person, there are always going to be a few things about them that you aren’t 100 percent on board with. It’s not right to go into a relationship hoping to change someone, so you have to decide whether you can live with the things you don’t like about your partner or if they’re deal breakers. For instance, maybe you can laugh it off if your partner is constantly taking selfies, but you couldn’t be in a long-term relationship with someone who didn’t trust you. Everyone has different opinions about these things, so it’s really down to the individual to decide. We’ve got twelve confessions from people telling us what they don’t like about their partners. Take a look!



Just because you don’t like your partner’s hobby, it’s not fair to expect them to give it up.


Some people are just more vain than others!


It must be hard if people are getting the wrong idea.


Jealousy isn’t very healthy in a relationship.


If you’re neat, it’s hard living with a slob.


People really should think before they speak.


Not everyone can be the ambitious type.


It’s tough when you have to make all the decisions.


We can understand this, but not everyone is affectionate like that.


It’s reasonable to want to spend time with your significant other.


Relationships should be built on trust!


It can be frustrating when people are constantly on their phones.

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