11 Everyday Problems That You’ll Totally Relate To


The hardest part of life is probably just getting out there and doing your thing day to day. It’s all those responsibilities you have, chores you’ve been meaning to do for months and deadlines from work or from school. It can get so daunting that you just put everything off and have a nap, and hope it all goes away. Belgian illustrator Christina DeWitte (also known as Chrostin) certainly understands these issues we all face on a daily basis and has created a series of comic strips examining them. Check out these comics featuring eleven everyday problems you’ll totally relate to. 



When you have no problem spending $30 on snacks you don’t need, but for a shirt you might wear for years to come, $30 seems like way too much.


When you mean to get an early night but cat videos happen.


When you have no patience to work on a tan.


When you think you look cooler than you actually do.


When you can’t help pressing the snooze button a few too many times.


When you have your own idea about how Halloween costumes should look.


When you nap to avoid procrastinating.


When you realize you should be a bit less chill sometimes.


When you go on a very small health kick.


When you’re hanging out with Miss Kitty.


When you listen to Beyonce and are suddenly a strong, independent woman.

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