Struggles That Many Girls Face On A Daily Basis

We all experience different types of struggles on a daily basis. This is a normal and unavoidable part of life. Having said that, there are some issues that tend to lean more towards one gender. Here we have a list of struggles that many girls face often! Take a look and see if you can relate!

#1 Regardless of one’s hair length, this really hurts.

#2 Too much disappointment in one photo. A sweet dream turned into a nightmare.   

#3 The pain of seeing so much hair fall.

LoxieInc / twitter

#4 The dreaded spillage and clean up job. 

CaserWoo / twitter

#5 What did this girl feel after she sees her treasured make up was stepping in by her beloved dog?

bethxnyvaldes / twitter

#6 This is one of those moments where some girls can appreciate having shorter hair instead.

tanya_viktorovna23 / imgrum

#7 When you can’t choose the perfect color that matches your taste and they ran out wipes, you just have to endure looking at your skin like this.

½ yeta / twitter

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#8 OMG! Another makeup nightmare.

ny911127 / instarix

#9 When you and your dog both love shoes, this is what you can expect.

nl_lydmilamila379 / Instagram

#10 When you’re wearing high heels, never walk through something with holes if you don’t want this to happen to you.

Lassannn / Imgur

#11 This might just be the end of your journey with this makeup foundation. A painful goodbye.

unknown / Imgur

#12  OMG! What happens when you sneeze while curling your lashes.

unknown / Imgur

#13 Desperate times really call for desperate measures.

unknown / Imgur

#14 This is like your dreams melting. A proof that concealers are not meant for the sun.

BorisTheZombie / reddit

#15 Another wardrobe problem? Try looking harder, I guess. At least your closet looks spacious after taking everything out.

ggozzy.89 / Pictame

#16 Ouch!