39 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic That Will Make You Shake Your Head

If you live with a feline friend, you’ll already know that cat logic isn’t necessarily the same as human logic. For instance, a human might see a warm slice of pizza on the counter and think “dinner” whereas a cat might see it as a toasty place to sit. Cats can be amazing companions, but they definitely have their own way of thinking and we love them for it! Here are some hilarious examples of cat logic that will make you shake your head. Take a look and feel free to comment with any funny cat stories of your own!

“I care not how small the box is, I will show it who’s boss”

Maybe it felt like grass…

Every damn time you’re on low battery…

When you’re really struggling to get comfortable…

Cats just love to make things harder for themselves…

Let’s hope this cat doesn’t ever get trapped!

Yup. This sounds about right! 

What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s hope that the lovely floor doesn’t get damaged! 

The cat sleeping inside a shoe next will melt your heart!

We would honestly love to be a cat for just one day. How awesome would it be to experience their way of thinking, their agility and their lifestyle? They seem to be thrilled by things that seem boring to us humans, and terrified of things that we don’t understand. We would love to understand why a cardboard box or hard surface is often more appealing to our feline companions than the expensive, soft and thick beds we shell out for. Ah well, one can only dream! 

Because who doesn’t love railings digging into their bodies whilst they sleep?

cat leaning on rails


“It has my name on it therefore it is mine”. 

The heat must make up for the lack of softness…

The new house is going down well…

We would suggest not to attempt taking away this cat’s shoe…

“Sorry, you can’t go out, I am sleeping”. 

Don’t you just hate it when you get your face stuck in a roll of tape?

We sort of understand this, the cat’s body is insulated so it probably feels nice and cosy! 

It must be so hard making sure all boxes are equally loved… 

Haven’t you heard? Pet beds are out and cardboard boxes are in. 

What was the next cat thinking laying on the BBQ like that?! Haha

If you’re someone who is not yet a cat owner but is considering taking the plunge, there are a few things we feel we should share with you. There is a strong chance you will spend good money on toys, accessories and the like, only for them to be shunned and ignored. Forget eating, sleeping, reading or doing absolutely anything in peace as your feline companion will be there wanting affection, until they decide that they hate you and choose to scratch/bite/hiss at you instead. All jokes aside, cats can make wonderful additions to your life, if you have the time and the patience to spare. 

Not the best hide and seek spot we’ve ever seen but it will do…

Personally we like our midsections to feel supported but each to their own…

This does not look comfortable at all…

If cats could talk…

We would love to see through a cat’s eyes for the day!

Ah yes, this tiny box seems like a good place to sit.

Why would you sleep inside when you can sleep on top?

Or you could just sleep in between your two comfy beds.

Definitely a prime example of cat logic.

It was probably the fastest route to get to the food.

OMG next imagine you just ordered a pizza, turn your back for one second and see that…

As we approach the end our of post we want to take a moment to think about the people who unfortunately can’t enjoy everything that cats, and animals in general, have to offer due, to either allergies or circumstances. It sucks wanting to own and love an animal but knowing that you can’t. This is just another reason that people who do own animals should always remember how blessed they are, even during those moments when they want to tear their hair own in annoyance! 

Must sit on all warm things…

Like my human’s face, for instance.

Why, thank you for my kind present… but you can take that other part back.

Why aren’t I eating from the bowl? Because there’s more in this part, obviously.

This looks like a cozy spot for a nap.

You see, now I don’t have to bend my neck.

It’s not called a cat flap for nothing.

What a lovely cat climber… but actually I’m just going to chill on this box.

Clearly the best water comes from the tap.

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