20 Amazing Bathroom Accessories You Never Even Knew You Needed


Isn't it weird how we tend to forget the bathroom when giving our homes a makeover? Bathrooms should be havens of calm, and places to pamper ourselves after a hard day, not just rooms that are used through necessity. If you are looking for some inspiration bathroom style-wise, check out these 20 awesome accessories which will ensure your bathroom is as stylish and as cool as possible! 


Never get towel sides mixed up again! Find it here.


This poster shows that even superheroes do these things!


This would look awesome in any bathroom! Find a similar one here.


Hygiene first!


This non-slip bath banana-mat is a lot of fun!



How about a custom-made programmable spa-shower?


This dinosaur soap-dispenser will be a hit with big and little kids everywhere!


How about an antler toothbrush-holder?

antler toothbrush holder



This watermelon rug with a 'bite' out of it is so cute! Find a similar one here.


How about these geektastic Tetris-themed mirrors?



This Totoro shower curtain is a must-have for fans everywhere! Find it here.


This call to action on germs will ensure your family's hands stay clean!



This vintage suitcase cabinet is shabby chic at its cutest!


Geeks everywhere will love this Batman toilet brush holder.


Give your bathroom a nautical theme with these awesome octopus paintings.



This pineapple soap dispenser is a lot of fun!


Everyone needs a custom-made fox shower curtain in their bathroom!


There is no excuse for forgetting to flush now!


This gorgeous little toothbrush holder is a delight!


Never step into an overly hot bath again with this temperature-sensing bath plug device!

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