Proof That You Shouldn’t Trust Social Media Photos

Many of us know not to take everything that we see on social media at face value. However, many others are far too trusting of the things that they come across on the internet. Some people will go to extreme lengths to give off a certain image of themselves and we’re here to present you with a few examples. Below we have some amusing and somewhat shocking proof that you shouldn’t trust social media photos! Take a look, you might be surprised and shocked at what you find! 

All Natural

Sometimes people have a little help behind the scenes… 

Made It To The Game

With the right angles and lighting, a shot like this can be easily achieved. 

Bae Caught Me Sleeping

This hilarious guy highlights that some people really will pretend to be with a bae! 

Hanging Out With The Girlfriend

This guy is bold doing this in public! People must have been confused…

Finally Whipping

Well, this guy has taught many people how to make it look like they have a car… 

Instagram VS Reality

This sort of thing happens way more than people are willing to admit! 

Train And You Will Succeed

Or, just find a mate who will help you fake a photo! 

Kitchen Renovations

We love what he did with the place! Oh wait… 

Left A Hefty Tip

Unless the person behind this received awful service this is quite mean. We bet the server got so excited! 

I Love It When Bae Cooks For Me

With a good quality camera, you can easily pass off a picture of food as real food. 

Love My New Car

He nailed the angle just right! 

Gucci Sliders

How to look rich. Not a bad effort really… 

Buzzing At My New Job

More like ‘buzzing at IKEA’! 

Off On A Much Deserved Holiday

Destination… no where. 

Unforgettable Memories

These girls did good! That photo definitely would have fooled us… 


People will find numerous ways of faking having loads of cash. Here’s an example…