15 Creative Ways To Re-use Kitchen Waste You’ve Probably Not Thought Of – Part 2


Did you know you can make muffin cases, dust wipes or shoe shiners from old coffee filters? Or improve the nutritional content of smoothies with citrus peel? How about creating a unique bird feeder from an old juice carton? Or using coffee grounds to improve the shininess of your hair? There are many ways to re-use and 'upcycle' items we would generally throw away as kitchen waste.

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14 Creative Ways To Re-use Kitchen Waste You've Probably Not Thought Of – Part 1


Citrus Peels


Here are five uses for citrus peels: add fresh ones to smoothies for extra fiber; put a few peels in a bag of brown sugar and put in the fridge to keep the sugar soft; chop and place around the house and garden as an insect deterrent; put some down the garbage disposal to deodorize the drain; or dry them out, grind them up and mix with salt or pepper for an excellent DIY seasoning.


Onion or Potato Sacks


These can be used to make unique gift wrapping, or the larger ones can be used as a laundry bag.


Sprouted Potatoes


Did you know you can place white or sweet potatoes that have sprouted in water or soil to re-grow?


Apple Cores


Apple cores and other fruit cores and rinds can be used to make a fruit scrap vinegar.


Celery Leaves


Did you know you can eat celery leaves just like you would the actual celery? You can also add the tops to soups, stews or smoothies.


Milk or Juice Carton


There are at least four ways to 'upcycle' milk or juice cartons. Why not make a bird feeder? Or you can reseal the tops and use as children's building blocks. Transform them into a piggy bank! Or cut the tops off and use as a planter.


Coffee Grounds


We can think of at least four different, natural uses for these. You can mix in with your hair conditioner once a week to give your hair a dazzling shine! Or mix some with coconut oil for an excellent facial exfoliator. How about a bowlful in the fridge to get rid of any nasty odors! Or sprinkle damp grounds in your fireplace while cleaning to reduce flyaway dust. 


Celery & Lettuce Stumps


Did you know both of these nutritious vegetables can be regrown from their stumps in water?


Pickle Juice


Once you've consumed your last pickle, you can simply refill the jar of juice with more vegetables, for instance, new pickles!


Parmesan Container


Simply wash and re-fill with any product that requires sprinkling e.g. Borax or bicarbonate of soda.


Carrot Tops


Don't throw away your carrot tops when you can add them into a soup or stew. You can also use the green part to make a pesto. And if you want to, you can re-grow these veggies in water.


Fruit & Veggie Pulp


If you are a fan of fresh juices, then you'll know all about the large amounts of left-over pulp that's involved. Don't throw this out! You can add some to your smoothie to add extra nutrition, use it to make delicious breads, or mix it into batter for savory dinner pancakes. 


Pineapple Tops


It's possible to re-grow an entire pineapple from it's crown, even if you don't live in a hot climate.



Coffee Filters


Damp coffee filters can be used to shine your shoes! Or cut and use as muffin liners. Rinsed and dried ones can also be used as dust wipes. 


Egg Cartons


Egg cartons have multiple potential uses. You can use them to store golf balls or ornaments, or as mini-planters to start growing herbs. 


Also, while you're at it, check out part 1 of our re-using kitchen waste collection.

14 Creative Ways To Re-use Kitchen Waste You've Probably Not Thought Of – Part 1