You’ve Been Preparing These 14 Different Foods Completely Wrong Your Entire Life


Preparing food can sometimes be a hassle, especially when it’s something tedious like finely chopping an onion, or opening a pomegranate. There are many tips and tricks that could save you time and effort in the kitchen, while also making things a lot easier for you. If peeling kiwi fruits is driving you mad or if you just hate the hassle of chopping tomatoes then look no further. These hacks will give you back some precious time so you can enjoy doing more of the things you love. Let us know your favorite food prep hack in the comments below.


Simply cut off the top and score down the sides to make pomegranates easy to eat!


Cut onions quickly and uniformly with this simple hack.


Unlike lemons, limes are hard to squeeze in the conventional manner. Cut them as shown above and squeeze with your fingers. Due to the clever cutting pattern, the juice should go straight down into the bowl rather than in your eyes!



Eating avocado is easiest with a spoon!


avocado 2

You can remove the stone easily and mess-free with a knife.



kiwi 2

Peeling kiwi fruit is easy when you know how. Just cut off the ends, take a spoon and work it inside the skin all the way round.



For a mess free method of eating a kiwi, just slice it in half and use a teaspoon.

orange fruit strip

The best way to prepare an orange!


So pretty!

Don’t go bananas trying to open a banana in the regular way!

This time saving trick is awesome!

Probably the neatest food prep hack ever!

Brings a new meaning to domestic science!

Wow this guy can eat a LOT of watermelon!

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