15 Awesome Hacks For Your Home


Save precious time and money with these simple life hacks you can use around your home. Whether you need to clean the sink, hang towels in a shared bathroom or want to motivate your kids to read more, there is something here for everyone! Check out the ingenious drawer hack for a small kitchen. It's amazing! Don't forget to let us know which awesome money saving home hack is your favorite in the comments below.



A small brush makes easy work of getting rid of toaster crumbs.


A natural and harmless way to get your sink gleaming. Cheap too!


The lemons and salt trick works amazingly on cutting boards too!


Table looking worse for wear? Simply use colored tape to make it look awesome again!


Run out of space in the kitchen? This chopping board tucked inside the drawer has been used by students for years!


Hang boots on hangers to keep them in shape and organized.


A staple remover is an easy way to prize the ring apart on a key ring. No more broken nails!


Live in a shared house? Coat hooks are a great way to keep towels organized.


Green stains and irritated skin on your fingers are things of the past when you paint clear nail varnish inside your metal rings.


A shower caddy keeps everything organized on a long car journey.



This shower caddy placed inside a cupboard door is great for keeping spices in and saves space too.


If you struggle to get up in the mornings then this trick may help! Place your phone inside a paper cup to amplify the sound of the alarm.


Keep your valuables safe in this ingenious hiding spot. Find it here: Hidden Wall Safe


Motivating your children or even yourself to study is easy with these little bears placed on each paragraph!


Never spend hours de-tangling again.