19 of the Most Elegantly Designed Products You’ve Ever Seen

There’s no point owning certain items that are all style and no substance, but when a product is not only useful but also elegantly designed, it’s a wondrous thing! It’s like creativity met practicality and the two of them became BFFs. All of these 19 items are so awesome that we can’t quite tear our eyes away from them. What’s more, they would actually be useful in our day to day lives. Which means, of course, that we need them. Now.

This shower speaker is sleek and useful.

We need one of these watering cans.

This coffee maker is stunning.

This shoe-shaped tub has its own waterfall.

This curvy couch is just beautiful.

Just look at this gorgeous reclining chair.

Not only is this fireplace aesthetically pleasing, it’s also portable!

These paper lampshades are awesome.

These green chairs look super modern.

This alarm clock is designed for couples.

This lamp looks sleek and elegant.

This glass coffee table is just stunning.

This dustpan and brush looks cool, but you can also pour the dirt into the bin through the hole the brush usually occupies.

We must own this gorgeous tree-inspired cutlery set.

This stylish decanter is pure class.

This amazing coffee machine looks like something fairies would live in.

This axe makes us wish we had a reason to use one.

This bath tub is just amazing.

This attractive alarm clock will make waking up early seem like less of a chore.

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