These Portable Greenhouses Are Going Cheap And People Can’t Get Their Hands On Them Quick Enough

A greenhouse can significantly improve planting efficiency as it protects your crops from extreme cold or heat and unwanted pests. Regardless of your gardening style, building a greenhouse allows you to grow certain types of plants year round. Contrary to most beliefs, a greenhouse doesn’t have to be as huge as house. There are many tiny greenhouses that are specifically intended for urban dwellers who have limited yard space. The good thing about these tiny greenhouses is that they’re easy to construct as most of them come as a DIY kit. Some people may instantly shake their heads when they hear the word ‘DIY’. But here’s a greenhouse that anyone can easily build. A portable greenhouse that you can construct without using hammers, nails, plywood, screws, or anything.

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This portable greenhouse comes with a strong metal frame and a clear PVC cover, nothing more and nothing less. Assembly is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is put the frame together and connect all six steel wired shelves on each side. After which, place the PVC cover over the frame and make sure that the bottom hem reaches the ground. Then you’re done. With the help of an assistant, you can set this up in just 5 to 15 minutes. Then you can place your potted plants on the steel wired shelves and the ground within the portable greenhouse. Plus, it comes with a zippered roll-up door for smooth opening and closing.

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Apart from its easy assembly process, this lightweight greenhouse can be easily moved from one place to another. But despite its weight, its heavy-duty steel frame is powder-coated to support a maximum weight capacity of 102 lbs (17 lbs on each shelf). Additionally, the durable PVC cover ensures reliable climate control while keeping destructive pests at bay.

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The portable greenhouse is easy to set up and easy to move

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