Couples Who Lost Weight Together Share Their Experiences

Being in a relationship, caring for another means you would want to each other to be safe and be healthy. Being healthy often means healthier food choices and getting some exercise. It’s easy to plan losing weight. What’s hard is committing to the plan. That’s why we need to be motivated and stay motivated. Here are some couples who lost weight together, or planned to do so, sharing their experiences! 

Everything’s better when you’re doing it together.

Can’t please everyone.

Looks like she found the motivation she always needed.

Motivation comes in for free.

All these insecurities can sometimes get the best of you.

Being competitive can sometimes make you do crazy things.

It’s not easy to stay motivated.

Taking your relationship to a whole new level.

Having a supportive partner and working together can bloom into the happiest relationship.

Motivation and perseverance is key to achieve your goals together.

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It’s not easy for everyone to stay committed.

He’s avoiding saying the wrong things. Atta boy!

Nothing worth having is ever easy.

Subtle, but effective.

Everyone has their reasons.

Our bodies respond differently. Some have a hard time losing weight, and easy for some.

She needs to be reminded to stick to the plan.

Denying good food can be tough.

Just doing what you can to help someone you love to be healthy.

A healthy relationship is a long lasting one.