28 Incredibly Detailed Driftwood Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

When you think of driftwood, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s thought of as boring, dull and pretty much useless, but one person is here to show everyone that it can be so much more! Canadian artist Debra Bernier has an astonishing talent when it comes to using driftwood, shells and clay to create incredible sculptures. Bursting with detail and undeniably unique, Debra’s works of art are something to be admired. Take a look and prepare to be hugely impressed!
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We are in awe at how Debra makes certain parts perfectly symmetrical. 

Isn’t it amazing that even on the smaller sculptures such detail can be added?

We are fixated on those owl eyes!

Even the less complex sculptures are still stunning.

This lady will forever hear the sea.

This piece is simply incredible.

The differing tones in this piece are just superb.

Blending in, yet standing out.

This looks like it would feel very safe.

The shell really compliments this sculpture.

Mother and baby connected.

How awesome is this?!

The shine on this creation adds a lovely touch.

If only we had half the talent for sculpting Debra possesses!

Debra takes her inspiration from the things she feels are most important in life… children, nature and animals. The attention to detail is incredible and the range of designs is phenomenal. Each sculpture leaves you impressed, just when you think Debra can’t get any better, you simply look at the next image! If you’re someone who loves what you’ve seen, Debra’s amazing creations do go up for sale, but they shift very quickly. Keep going for more beautiful sculptures!

We can’t get over how realistic the faces are.

There needs to be a word for a half woman/half shell hybrid!

This multicolored piece is spectacular!

Doesn’t this carved female look so peaceful?

Debra has perfected carving wings.

This simple piece is one of our favorites.

Simply wonderful.

We like the way the hair and arm blend off into the rest of the wood.

This works so well!

This looks like any normal baby surrounded by their favorite toys.

This face is incredibly lifelike.

The carved swirls are amazing.

We love the added extras this sculpture has!

The only time twig-like hair has ever looked good.