Photos of Baffling Situations That Will Make You Beg For Explanations

Everyone has their own weird side and we’ve seen some people who are eccentric in a funny way. Despite our awareness of the weird side of life, we still witness some baffling situations that we can’t explain. While it’s true that humans are logical beings, people still fail to discover some mysteries behind every circumstance. We have assembled our list of the most baffling situations captured on camera that will leave you scratching your head. You’ll certainly ask how and why it happened in the first place.



This campaign for animal cruelty is giving me second thoughts about ordering a bucket of crispy fried chicken at McDonald’s.

Reddit | evanfromchicago

It surely looks like it but we wonder what really happened.

Instagram | x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Mascots are supposed to be cute and kid-friendly and most kids will find this anime mascot adorable. But one kid isn’t a fan of some big-eyed big-headed girl with a steady smile.

Reddit | boostersgold

We used to love Super Mario when we were kids but we haven’t heard much about him lately. Did he just transform into a Pokemon and evolved into this hybrid of such-and-such?

Reddit | ibwitmypigeons

Something weird is happening in this school. I wonder what he did to be punished like this but I bet it’s serious enough to let the students get him stick around.

Reddit | BattleMouth23

How dare you make fun of the Dark Side!

Reddit | sirferrell

An inventor’s attempt to build a flying car failed for 647th time. That’s the best explanation I can get from this.

Reddit | 9th_dimensional

Examples of peculiar situations that will make you wonder what happened



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Reddit | LemonLustBowWow

This piece of bacon has a strange drawing of two men smiling. It might have came from the packaging or some printed wrappers but I wouldn’t risk my safety by eating that.

Reddit | Elektrolyze

You need to be able to fly or at least jump 50 feet high to score a point on this basketball board.

Reddit | TopRamanNoodl3s

If you can’t find rocks for your slingshot, use your head and look for other alternatives.

Reddit | therealsoniclover59

Seems like black car is the standard in this part of the city. And it seems like cars of different colors are not accepted. Look what happened to the red car.

photos of baffling situations on the street
Reddit | AdrienBrav

Why is that guy naked? Does he intend to serve foods without any clothes on?

Reddit | jobicade

Flexibility level: Superhuman

Reddit | Tylerdr16

Horse-riding in snow is weird but going out in the snow with a bikini is weirder. If you look closely, you’ll find another weird guy water-skiing while being pulled by the horse. In general, this picture is a total freak-show.

Reddit | Dope-p