Photographic Evidence Busting People Who Tried To Fool Us

Those old-fashioned tricks we used to deceive other people before may not work now. This is because we are now living in a digital world where it’s impossible to disclaim photographic evidence. Every corner has CCTV camera monitoring our every move and everyone has their own camera with them wherever they go. In other words, no one can escape the surveillance of modern technology. Well, at least these people tried. But all their efforts to pull off some tricks went to waste due to these solid proofs. Here are hilarious examples of how photographic evidence can reveal other people’s tricks in the funniest way.



No one could’ve ever noticed if she hasn’t pointed it out.

Instagram | will_ent

That’s a clever idea but don’t think for a second that you can fool God with that. You can’t even fool the camera behind you.

Twitter | NoIAmNaomi

It’s either the cashier was too sleepy to recognize the difference or the cashier has totally no idea who Ashton Kutcher is.

Twitter | AidenMarceron

You can sneak in at least 10 complex mathematical equations there.

Twitter | mixmatchmakeup

And this is how humans triumph over surveillance cameras.

Twitter | KevinMieles11

This doorbell is watching you, always watching, always.

Twitter | james_king08

It won’t hurt to act fake for the sake of free desserts.

Instagram | kalesalad

Photos shamelessly exposing people’s tricks



I almost literally died laughing at this photo. I think I also need those oxygen because I’m running out of breath.

hospitalized photographic evidence

And here is another victim of the earbuds-killer.

Imgur | MDonati

Because there’s no way someone could be a hunter and a fisher at the same time.

Twitter | HunterFisher21

This piece of art has more lies to it than the truth. It’s up to you to figure out which to believe.

Twitter | Malboury

It’s called multi-tasking and anyone can do it.


Maybe his fiery personality urged him to change his name.

Twitter | eslotabec

You’ll never get away with this the next time because you have revealed your trick to the world. Now it’s only a matter of time before your parents see these photos.

Twitter | shannonhay5

We’re running out of breads so let them eat cake.