16 Travel-Smart Tips For Canny Travelers


Traveling is like an art; you need to know all the tricks of the trade to pull it off with true success! Knowing how to pack well is an essential, if you want to avoid the shocking extra-weight luggage charges at the airport. Remember, you can bring everything except the kitchen sink! Luckily, the internet provides us with plenty of hacks that will have you travel easier, and smarter. Check out 16 of the best we found, below! 


If you forget your charger, remember the back of most TVs will have a USB port you can make use of. Failing that, ask hotel reception for one. They get so many left behind, they are bound to have one that fits!


If you're in an unfamiliar place and need WiFi, check out 'FourSquare'. People often leave the password in their comments.


Save your money and carry an empty water bottle through airport security, which you can then fill up on the other side. Avoid paying buckets for overpriced water, just because it's from an airport!


Ensure your collars remain as crisp as when they left home. The secret? A belt wrapped inside the collar. Does the trick every time!


Save space and pack your socks inside of your shoes!


Go incognito when searching for travel deals. This avoids you paying more as clever search engines catch on to what you're interested in and hike the price when you return to book.


Never lose a holiday business card again. Keep them on a key ring!


Keep your earrings together and avoid losing them by attaching them to a button. Genius!




A soap tin can double as a cheap and durable camera case!


'Tic Tac' cases (the large ones) are great for storing and dispensing bobby pins on the go.


Keep your bags smelling like home for longer by lining them with some laundry sheets.


Single portion holders for everything. Genius!


Keep your scarves wrinkle free by wrapping them around an empty cling-film roll.


Keep necklaces organized and undamaged by storing them in a straw!


Keep your razor protected and usable for longer by encasing it in a clip! Voila!


Check out the best packing hacks, below!

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