10 Comic Strips You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Ever Had A Period


There are plenty of awesome and wonderful things about life, but periods aren’t one of them. No matter how much you know about menstruation in theory, you can never truly understand unless you’ve actually had a period. Frankly, they’re not something we’d recommend if you can avoid them! We’ve previously featured the work of Sarah Andersen on how adulthood is a myth and problems that women can relate to, but now she’s back with some period-related humor. Here are ten comic strips you’ll only understand if you’ve ever had a period. Take a look!



When your period isn’t as punctual as you’d hope.


When the reality is way different from what you’re told.


When your cycle messes with your plans.


When you realize puberty is a 30 year sentence for anyone with a uterus.


When your body appreciates modern art more than you do.


When the world feels like this.


When you feel depressed for no reason, then you realize why….


When there’s almost no point buying cute undies.


When you never, ever get a break.


When you pretty much have to hide for one week a month.

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