6 Comics That Illustrate The Difference Between Love And Lust


When you first start dating someone, one of the main feelings you’re going to have for them is lust. It’s only natural that you get a bit obsessed and can’t keep your hands off one another. Although in a healthy relationship, that desire should never go away, things eventually cool off a little and you can go out in public together without the risk of excessive PDA. All things going to plan, that lust should turn into love and your relationship will change and evolve. Karina Farek drew these six awesome comics that illustrate the difference between love and lust. Check them out!



Sometimes, you just want to snuggle up together and watch cat videos.

Karina Farek/College Humor


The sorts of things that you do for one another changes.

Karina Farek/College Humor


When you’re in love, the little gifts you get for each other become more practical, but also more thoughtful.

Karina Farek/College Humor


When you’re not trying to impress one another, anything can become funny.

Karina Farek/College Humor


When you’re in love, beauty has nothing to do with being well groomed.

Karina Farek/College Humor


Your idea of going all night might change somewhat!

Karina Farek/College Humor

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