Couples So In Love It Makes You Want To Throw Up

Isn’t true love just magical? Seeing two people who are obviously totally head over heels for each other is just so cute. That is, unless they’re so lovey dovey and happy it makes you want to puke up your lunch! While public displays of affection can definitely be a little stomach churning, there are lots of other ways for people in love to profess and show their adoration for one another. Some of them quite innovative. What do you think? Check them out!

Her boyfriend dressed up to surprise her! Sexy!

Oh, he baked!

Putting a partner’s desires before your own!

What a strange pillow.

His wife sent the image on the left. So he sent back the image on the right. Cute!

How his wife packed his lunch the day after he bumped his head!

This is just pure sickening!

A romantic poem, with a surprise ending!

Personalized by a lover…

Matchy matchy, vomit!

Saving bacon for your partner? It must be love, indeed!

His girlfriend has a sticky back and comes in handy, apparently. Gross!

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