People Who Sued Their Parents Share Their Experiences

The saying blood is thicker than water doesn’t always apply especially when ugly family dramas arise. If you’re wondering what that feels like, here are some revealing admissions from people who sued their parents.

Justice prevails!

Hmm. Things are so much more complicated when family is involved sadly. 

Just wow!

You made a noble choice. 

When staying together does more harm than good.

Sometimes you can’t trust family. 

Mixing family and business often leads to disaster.


Know your worth.

Sometimes justice does not prevail. 

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Family betrayal is the worst.

What goes around comes around.

Abuse is abuse.

We can’t tell if this is supposed to be a positive or negative?

This is serious business.

Winning is sweet.

Being able to trust your family isn’t always the case.

Never run from your responsibilities.


You do what you have to do.