Tension rods are a brilliant, and dirt cheap, option for when you need extra storage space in your home. So… what exactly is a tension rod, anyway? Well, you may know it as a shower curtain rod. They are highly versatile as they're designed to fit a wide variety of lengths! They are also capable of holding an incredible amount of weight, without the need to drill unsightly holes in the wall. Tension rods can be found at your local home store, usually for under ten bucks, ultra cheap! Improve your closets, cupboards and other storage space. Here's nine awesome ideas for inspiration! Take a look!


Make a sunny spot for your herbs.


Use a rod to hang your pots on!


Create a snazzy space for your scarves!



Make a baby or puppy gate.


Make a rack for easy access to your paper towels!


Organize your bathroom like this…


Make a table skirt.


Organize your craft supplies!


Hang up your cleaning sprays in a cupboard like so…

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