These ‘Then And Now’ Childhood Photo Recreations Are Amazing

Looking through childhood photos is a lot of fun. There’s often nothing nicer than spending time with family going through old albums and memories. Sometimes you can have a really good laugh at how you all looked then vs. how you like to present yourself now. So, imagine how hilarious it’d be if you had a go at recreating some of your best old poses. Well, the people in these images have done just that, with awesome results! Take a look at these childhood photo recreations. Some are sweet, others are funny, but all worth a look! Let us know your favorite in the comments!

These guys still love taking a bath together even after all this time!

Copiers are fun no matter your age!

Not much has changed with this lady since 1978!

She still loves her pasta!

These photos are awesome!

Muddy boys become muddy men!

There’s an uncanny similarity between this dad and his two-week-old and his all grown up son with his own baby!

They haven’t changed a bit!

Once a little kid always a little kid!

She hasn’t changed a bit!

Stay classy guys!

This is just adorable!

This pair have grown up!

This is one of the best!

We hope these images are bringing back some lovely family memories of your own. Life goes by so very quickly so it’s great to have a photographic record of the good times. Spending quality moments together enables us to love and appreciate our friends and families even more. We hope these images have given you the inspiration to take some funny photo recreations of your own. And, if you have a humorous or bittersweet story to share, just let us know in the comments! 

These were taken fifteen years apart.

She’s a bit big to be held like that now!

Once a dad always a dad!

We don’t know if this is really cool or totally weird!

What a happy bunch!

Role reversal!

We’re loving these happy faces!

These two have an unbreakable bond.

She made her mind up early on her future career!

This is really lovely!

This guy hasn’t changed much!

Nineteen years between these photos. Grandma looks amazing!

Best friends forever!

This girl grew up to follow her passions and become an artist!