22 Brilliant Parenting Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

Did you know you can easily make a pair of DIY tap dancing shoes for your kids, using just a few pennies and some glue? Or that a rubber band can help your child learn how to grip their pencil? Or that a plastic cup makes for safer sparkler fun? Parenting is a challenge at the best of times, but with these 22 little tricks of the trade, you will find life easier and safer, while your kids are sure to have heaps more fun.

Make a sparkler shield out of a plastic cup for safer fun. 

To prevent kids from plugging in their games consoles, padlock the end of the plug. Perfect for grounding!

Camera bags are great as diaper bags as they have lots of handy compartments.

Use Jello to make mess-free ice pops.

Prepare a special wallet for kids and fill it full of stuff to keep them occupied, like colored pens and paper. It’s perfect for family meals out.

To prevent a big mix up of your children’s clothes, simply use the ‘dot’ method to identify what belongs to whom.

Use this crafty trick to stop your kids sneaking out of their rooms. 

A little glue on the bottom of your child’s shoes can prevent him or her from slipping.

Egg cartons can help with kids’ card games.

A sheet placed over a crib whilst outside can protect your baby from sun, heat and bugs.

Shower caddies are great for minimizing mess while eating on the go.

A mix of fabric conditioner and water keeps their doll’s hair nice and soft and tangle-free!

Inflatable pools can also make for an excellent, safe and fun indoor play area for tots.

These stickers are a great way to ensure your little ones stay put while you load the car.

Make use of a few spare pennies. Turn them into DIY tap dancing shoes!

A rubber band can help teach your child how to grip a pencil.

Put a mark or sticker on the wall in the appropriate place to teach your kids how much toilet paper to use.

A mixture of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will get food stains out!

Keep pacifiers in plastic containers when on the move to keep them clean.

Stickers on the inside of shoes can help your little ones know which one is for which foot!

A kids’ picnic table can easily be covered in decorative oil cloth to make a stain-resistant and pretty surface. 

If you find you are using way too many cups, try sticking magnets to them so your children can re-use them.

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