15 Photos That Prove Having Twins Makes Life More Fun

Kids are a blessing. But having twins in the family gives life a whole new meaning. After all, it’s double the fun, laughter and trouble – there will never be a minute of boredom! So if you’re wondering what it feels like to have twins in the family,  we’ve collected photos that prove how exciting having twins can be.


No haggling! No discounts! Take both or leave both!

Being identical has its perks.mom-thought-i-was-you-and-fed-me-twice

These twin girls lost the same tooth 5 minutes apart. Like sister like sister!

She might not say that if she actually had 101 candles to blow out…101-year-old-twin-old-ladies

Vanity at a young age. No wonder these twin boys are always late for school.

Older and wiser.my-twin-gets-angry-when-i-tell-her-when-i-was-your-age

We obviously know who plays the “bad cop” and the “good cop.”

Having twins is so much fun!

These twin boys are plotting a home makeover. Mwa ha haa!

Nope. You’re not hallucinating. We’ll gladly take home these twin cats!

Hhmm I wonder.twins-one-of-them-was-an-unexpected-child

Dope! These are the coolest twin tattoos we’ve seen so far.

Sleep, you shall.

So you’ll never be confused who’s who again.

Because they’re basically the same person, right?

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