11 Scary Things About Pregnancy That Nobody Tells You


Unless you plan to adopt, or you have some reason why you need to use a surrogate, in order to have a child, either you or your partner is going to have to get pregnant. Some people love being pregnant, and others aren’t so keen, but a lot of the narrative surrounding pregnancy is that Earth-mother-esque business about glowing with some kind of ethereal baby energy. People don’t so often go into the gross, embarrassing and uncomfortable parts about being pregnant, except for occasional mentions of morning sickness or swollen ankles. Of course, if you want kids, it’s a reasonable payoff but you should still probably know these eleven scary things about pregnancy that nobody tells you.



Well, that’s an unexpected side effect.


Even the little things become tough when you’ve got a giant belly to contend with.


That sounds distinctly unpleasant.


The pregnancy gods give with one hand and take away with the other.


Lovely. That’s just what you need!


Who’d have thunk it?!


Hopefully you can blame them on the dog.


You might need help with things you’ve never needed help with before.


It’s not a cute butterfly, it’s a struggling fish.


Then to top it all off, this happens while you’re giving birth.


But, don’t worry, folks. All that’s nothing compared to actually looking after a newborn. Enjoy!

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