15 Of The Most Random But Interesting Images You’ve Ever Seen


There's so much wonder in this world that it can be overwhelming. The only thing is, sometimes it's hard to find out about the truly interesting and amazing things online amongst the sea of cat videos. Don't get us wrong, we love watching adorable kitties as much as the next person, but if you want to see some images that will engage your brain and make you think, then read on. Below we have 15 images that we bet are the most interesting you've seen all day! Check them out!


This is the stunning 'Sanctuary of Truth', in Thailand.


In parts of Morocco, it's not unusual to see goats up trees, as they lack food on the ground!


Believe in or not, this was once a submarine base. It's now abandoned and the water is no longer heated, so it's frozen over solid.


The roof of this building was peeled off by a storm. Yikes!


Although paramedics aim to get expectant mothers to the hospital before they give birth, sometimes there just isn't time. These stickers show that one baby boy and one baby girl have been born in this ambulance!



Most people refer to utility knives as Swiss army knives, but the Romans were at it long before the Swiss!


A young redwood growing from the trunk of its giant fallen ancestor.


The is what moon rock looks like under the microscope.


This brave man spoke out against the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, and for his troubles he was put into a concentration camp, where he was starved and attacked with machetes.


Leave your juice out for a few weeks, and this is what you can expect to find. 



A gallery of items confiscated from prison inmates. Most of them are makeshift weapons, but there are also some tattoo guns and more.


When you see a rainbow from the ground, you're only seeing the top half of it. If you view one from the air at just the right moment, you'll see that a rainbow is really a full circle.



This might look menacing, but its simply the Chinese army performing a drill at a base on the Sino-Russian border!


Want to shower like you've never showered before? Try staying at the hotel 'Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce', in Bruges!


When scientists want to weigh a small bird, this is how they do it. 

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