13 Road Trip Hacks For The Perfect Journey


So you're going on a road trip. Exciting! Whatever you do, however, don't just jump in your vehicle without thinking of all the road trip essentials first. For a fun and smooth trip you need to be prepared. Check out these 13 road trip hacks and plan the perfect journey!


Pack a cooler full of healthy foods, including fruit. You'll save money on the way, and also save your stomach from the perils of fast food!


Don't have a smartphone or iPod stand for your car? Simply jimmy one up using a rubber band. It's easy!


Play the licence plate game to stave off any boredom. And make a fun prize for the winner… like ice cream!


Avoid meltdowns and fights, with a four way charger.


Pack an emergency kit, with water and extra shoes. You should also carry a first aid kit, with band aids, bandages, and paracetemol, just in case!


Invest in a trunk cover so you can leave things in your car without worrying as much.


Keep a supply of coins handy for toll roads.



Pre-plan your trip using Roadtrippers.com.


Take photos of important documents and keep them on your phone or stored in a Dropbox folder.


Avoid a wrong turn by remembering this…


Keep emergency money in an old chapstick container. Just don't lose it!


Know your signs.


Keep yourself organized and never lose a cable using this tip…

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