40 Pleasing Pictures That Will Leave You Satisfied

There are certain things in life that just make us feel good. There’s not always an obvious explanation as to why, but you enjoy it none the less. This could be anything from a rainbow or a beautiful set of flowers, all the way to something fitting perfectly inside something else. What can we say, the mind likes what it likes! Here we have a selection of pleasing pictures that are guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied. Take a look and prepare to have your day made better!

The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine. And, although it might not be true in a literal sense, we don’t doubt it makes a huge difference. Your mindset is a powerful thing and choosing to see the funny side of life often means you’re likely to be a happier person. If you look at the image below and feel unamused, you need to lighten up! It’s not every day your leg looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle! 

So many people over look the beautiful things that nature and mother earth have to offer. We are rewarded with such stunning sights yet too many of us just don’t stop to take it all in. There is something truly refreshing and calming about removing yourself from the stresses of the world, even just for a moment, and enjoying nature. We think the below photo is beautiful, if only we could have been there in the flesh.

So many people around the world cherish animals, and rightly so, we say! We really could learn a thing or two from the creatures around us. They boast such love and emotion, so we’ll never understand people who believe animals can’t feel anything and should be treated so. Here we have an image of ‘Home Depot’s cutest employee’. This pup is definitely worthy of their title! What an adorable little thing! 

Here we have a cute example of paraidolia. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, it is when you see patterns in random data. For example when you see a face in your piece of fruit or a cloud shaped like a rabbit. Or, seeing a dolphin when you look at a leaf! There really is a strong resemblance there! We probably would have taken the leaf home so that it wasn’t trampled on…

It will never fail to amaze us how insanely talented certain people are at sculpting with sand! Most of us would have dabbled throughout our lifetimes making castles with our buckets and spades but some people really take things to the next level. There are even competitions based around the practice. If you’re interested, a quick Google search will show you some incredible creations like the one you see below! 

You may be wondering what it is you’re looking at in this photo. It looks almost like lava, right? Well, it’s actually a block of wood that has been dyed! We didn’t even know it was possible to give wood a look like this, that thing is literally glowing! We are definitely going to be doing some research into how to achieve this result. Isn’t it cool to think about all the different variations you could end up with based on the pattern of the wood and the colors your choose to use? Awesome!

Looking back through old photos of yourself and loved ones can be really fun. It’s particularly amusing if the pictures are generations old and you can laugh at the crazy fashion trends and hair styles that were popular all those years ago. Some people decide to recreate their old photos and the results are just brilliant! We love the dedication from the guys below, although maybe getting rid of their beards would have been a good shout! 

Anyone who has a dog and owns grass knows what happens when the two mix. When grass is freshly cut, it’s very easy for that lovely green color to transfer. Someone who can vouch for this is the lucky owner of the gorgeous dog below! Apparently this occurs every single time the grass is cut. Well, we quite like the look! Who doesn’t like resembling an alien every now and again?

At first glance, you might be confused as to what you are looking at. Well, in certain parts of Sweden, the water is so clear that you almost can’t see it. If you look closely at the person’s wrist in the photo below you can just about see the water line. We need to see this in reality! We bet it looks incredible. Water can be so much more beautiful than people give it credit for. 

For many of you reading this, you would have grown up watching movies that featured the talented actor that is Jim Carrey. The 55 year old took to Twitter over Easter to share a lovely photo with an adorable, furry companion. It was captioned ‘Happy Easter or Passover or whatever reason you can find to feel warm and fuzzy’. What a lovely message! Jim looks really content here. 

It really gets us down sometimes that our world has so many beautiful sights to behold yet there is no way we can see even a fraction of them all. Thankfully, at the very least, you can enjoy the photos that other people have taken who were lucky enough to go where you can’t. This picture really makes us feel peaceful. We can imagine the smell of the grass and just look at how the peak comes through the clouds. Simply wonderful!

Sometimes in life random things fit so perfectly together it’s almost as if they were made for each other. Of course, some things are genuinely built to hold or match something else but we’re talking about those wonderful moments where there is an unintentional pairing. For example, the person responsible for the photo below found that their car had a spot perfectly sized for holding a Snickers bar. Every car should have a spot like this, chocolate is precious cargo, after all! 

What we love about art is that you don’t have to know anything about it to be able to appreciate the work of others. Even if something isn’t necessarily your style, that doesn’t mean you can’t be impressed with someone else’s talents. The below image was taken under a Denver overpass. We love how colorful and random this piece is! The artist or artists responsible should be incredibly pleased with themselves. 

We can’t get enough of a good before and after shot, we find them so great for motivation. Sometimes the changes are so impressive and drastic that it can be hard to believe you are looking at the same person in each photo! The guy in the images below managed to lose 53 pounds by cutting out alcohol for one year. This is fantastic however, the biggest change would be that he is now 1000 times happier. Well done, sir! You look great! 

Aesthetics are highly important to customers, even if they don’t consciously realize it. People are far more likely to buy something if it looks good and their attention is grabbed. That is why displays such as the one below are ideal. Bursting with color, clean lines and organization, the image below is certainly a satisfying one! Our trolley would be full to the brim!  

Our handwriting is something most of us can’t change at will. Of course, you can always work on improving your style but generally our handwriting doesn’t change much unless you are particularly skilled in that area. Some of us love our handwriting and some of us hate it. One thing’s for sure, we’d be extremely happy if we could write like the person responsible for the text below can! 

Some people are so talented when it comes to design. How awesome is the set up below? Not only is it fully functional and practical, the structure looks great as well. With so many boring and mundane things in this world, it’s nice to see that some people still put an effort into making things unique. A little thought and planning can go a long way! 

ramp stairs intergrated


It’s pretty inevitable as time goes on that things become dirty. Some people like to clean regularly whereas others tend to let things build up. Thankfully, there is such a thing as a power washer which can recover even the dirtiest of items! There’s an immense satisfaction to be found when transforming something from horrendously mucky to sparkling clean. Power washers for the win! 

Some people are very anal when it comes to how their phones are organized whilst others couldn’t care less. If you’re looking for a way to tidy up your phone’s look, maybe you could try something similar to the image below! We naturally tend to feel better when things are neat and tidy so a color coordinated screen is a great way of achieving this. It also makes it easier to locate things if you know what the app’s icon looks like! 

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, the cravings for a refreshing and scrumptious ice cream arise. With so many flavors to choose from, there’s numerous ways to satisfy your cravings. But, what would you do if your ice cream came out looking as fantastic as the one below? It’s so perfect we almost wouldn’t be able to destroy it! ‘Almost’ being the operative word there…

When it comes to wrapping presents people are usually naturally good at it or naturally terrible. It may not seem like it takes a great amount of skill, but there’s definitely a knack to it! We would rate our own wrapping skills as pretty good. Even so, we would struggle to wrap something as perfectly as the person responsible for the gift below managed to! Those lines and color matches are awesome! 



How great is this image?! We just love how the glass is perfectly filled. We’re definitely craving an ice cold Coca Cola right now! Fun fact for you Coke lovers out there, back in 1985 the drinks giant made the decision to change the flavor and formula of their popular drink. As you may have guessed, people were less than thrilled with the change so within just a few months Coca Cola reverted back to the original recipe. Some things are better left alone!

Depending on what kind of vacuum cleaner you have, getting into certain areas can be annoying. More often than not you have to pull the head off or switch attachments. This isn’t the end of the world, but wouldn’t life just be that little bit easier if you didn’t have to mess around? Well, one person who can feel pleased is the one in the photo below! Look how perfectly their vacuum head fits that awkward area.

For whatever reason, some rooms don’t have doors. But, if on a certain occasion you would like a way to seal off the room, you could try a mattress! Of course, you could hang up a sheet or something, but a mattress would help the room retain its heat and would be much more soundproof. Not every mattress will fit perfectly but if not you could just rest it over the room entrance. 

For years now people have been getting creative with Lego. Not only are people capable of making insanely complicated and impressive sculptures, but they are even branching out to blending Lego with nature and the real world! Below we have just one example of this but if you’re curious, a quick search will pull up loads of incredible creations!

A solar eclipse is a stunning sight to behold. It occurs when the Moon passes between the sun and Earth, and the moon partially or fully blocks the sun. In a total eclipse the sun is fully obscured by the moon. If you ever plan on checking one out, it is hugely important to wear eye protection as you can cause yourself irreversible eye damage from just looking at the sun for even 1 second. 

Many people prefer holidaying on a cruise ship rather than any where else. Some just love to be at sea whilst enjoying all of the awesome things a cruise ship has to offer. However, we would have felt a little uneasy if we were on the boat below! It is cruising down the Corinth Canal in Greece and although it seems to be managing just fine, it’s a rather tight fit! They are numerous images of various boats traveling down this canal, well worth checking out! 

Even if you’re not a huge cat lover, it’s hard to deny how cute the species are. If you’re still on the fence about it, all you have to do is look at the image below. How adorable is it that not one but two cats felt the desire to curl up into a joint bowl? They must be quite tiny to fit. We have to say it does look very snug and cosy! If only there were adult sized bowls to curl up in…

You’ve probably heard of kayaking before, but did you know that some people opt to do the sport on ice? People do this all over the world on various frozen areas such as lakes. Some people even go all the way to Antarctica! Depending on the kind of ice you’re on, you could end up with the awesome trail you see in the image below. It doesn’t always look this clean and patterned though! 

People often believe that ‘a little trim goes a long way’. This is usually said in the context of hair, beards and even a person’s weight, but, it can be applied to many other things! Look how much neater the pathway below looks after having its sides trimmed? Such a small thing makes a huge difference. If you’ve got a pathway leading up to your home, this is a simple way to smarten it up! 

You may or may not be aware that some animals such as snakes and lizards shed their skin. Some of them even like to eat it afterwards! Lizards, for example, shed their skin to allow room for their bodies to grow. Below you can see an example of a skin shell that came off all in one piece. It’s pretty cool how much detail you can see, don’t you think?

Most of us get to a point with our toothpaste tubes where we know we should give up and replace it. But, we can see there’s still some in the tube! So, we end up twisting and squeezing until nothing more comes out. Some people even resort to cutting! But, someone who clearly didn’t struggle to use their toothpaste to the fullest was the person responsible for the image below! That is one empty tube! 

We find that there is something so peaceful and calming about snow. It’s could be down to how clean and bright the white is. Or, maybe it’s the beauty of being untouched. Although cold to the touch, it looks soft and inviting. To be fair, it’s probably a combination of all of those things! It may cause a little inconvenience at times, but we love how when it snows for people who aren’t used to it, everyone just wants to get out and have fun together. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, is what you call hitting the bullseye! You can tell that the water is going straight down the hole without touching the sides. This may not seem like a huge deal, but you’ll be surprised how many people fit taps incorrectly and you end up constantly get this annoying splash back every damn time you turn it on. This is a sink we would be proud to own! 

This really pleases our inner perfectionist. We wonder if someone planned this out or just kept trying until they found the perfect combination? The only problem is, if someone wants or needs one of the books in this display, it would look horribly incomplete. That’s if they could even get a book out as they look very tightly packed together! 

Pancakes can often be sort of hit and miss. Sometimes you’re a master of creation and other times you’re a master of disaster. As long as it tastes good, it doesn’t hugely matter what they look like. However, there’s no denying how appetizing a perfectly cooked pancake looks and the person below nailed it! Great, we’re really craving pancakes now…

We may never know why exactly certain things form the way they do and that’s okay. But, what we certainly can do is appreciate them. Look at the awesome geometry of the red cabbage below! It’s actually crazy how many beautiful patterns and variations that red cabbages behold. These work well as stamps if you dip them into paint! Great fun for kids!

Food really does have the ability to make you feel good. Not only is it the thing that sustains us and provides us with energy and nourishment, but food can also be utterly delicious! Can we please take a moment to appreciate how perfect this blueberry cheesecake is? We can almost smell this beautiful creation through our screens!

We find this image really endearing. A husband and wife noticed that the mother of the baby (wife) in the photo below had a thumb that perfectly matched their baby’s nose bridge. There’s something really beautiful in this. We wonder how long the thumb would fit as the child would obviously age and get bigger. Irregardless, it’s a lovely photo that will be nice to look back on. 

Simple things like this can be so interesting. It’s crazy that ice/snow can layer itself like that! It’s such a shame that this will have melted, but it’s great that someone managed to snap a picture! Let’s just hope that someone didn’t come whizzing down the slide destroying this cool formation and getting a wet and cold bottom in the process!

ice at the end of a slide


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