Octopus Hoodie

Kids love Halloween because this is the only time when they can eat lots of candy and dress up whatever they want. If you have ocean-loving kids who adore sea creatures then they’re going to love wearing this octopus hoodie. This outfit will transform your little one into a cute cephalopod. Your kid is sure to stand out from a crowd full of vampires, witches, and zombies. So if you want your child to be adorably unique during a costume party, this cute outfit can help you make that happen.

Inspired by one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures, this sweatshirt features a hoodie that resembles the bulbous head of an octopus. The bulging hood is stuffed with super lightweight polyester fiber wadding. So despite its rotund appearance, the hood actually weighs almost nothing. It also comes with a pair of large eyes to complete the look.


Octopus Hoodie For Kids

octopus hoodie with tentacles

This long-sleeve costume is to be worn like a regular sweatshirt. Aside from the octopus head-shaped hoodie, it also comes complete with 8 long tentacles dangling from below the waist. What’s more impressive is that each tentacle features exquisite details including the suckers. Each tentacle also has curled tip to simulate the actual cephalopod limb and is also filled with lightweight polyester fiber padding.

octopus hoodie


cephalopod costume bulbous head


orange cephalopod costume


sea animal costume realistic tentacles


sea creature costume for kids

This octopus hoodie is made from soft fleece to turn your little tot into an ultra-huggable sea creature. It is available in various kid’s sizes ranging from 18-24 months to 12 US kids’ numeric. And since octopus has the ability to change its color to blend with its surroundings, it’s up to you to choose the color you want for the costume. Aside from the orange color presented on the photos, the sweatshirt is also available in purple, light blue, pink, black, and lilac. A satisfied buyer wrote:

“Absolutely incredible! Beautifully made, incredible choice of fabric, and beyond adorable on my little one!”

octopus hoodie long sleeves


soft fleece available colors


octopus hoodie halloween costume


octopus hoodie fleece sweatshirt


cute octopus hoodie for kids


sea animal costume

Source: Etsy