16 Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations That Will Terrify Your Visitors


It's almost the big day and if you haven't yet had time to spookify your home, don't panic. Instead, take a look at these 16 quick, easy and simple Halloween projects which will turn your home into a scene from a horror movie! The crafts are simple enough for both children and adults and friends and family are sure to be totally amazed when they see them. In fact, they'll think you've been working hard on your home for weeks! Take a look.


With ping pong balls, water, food coloring and some markers you can make this terrifying jar of eyes!


This scary staircase looks spooktastic!


Use Bristol board, tape and a little imagination to create this awesome window scene!


Some glowsticks and a little paint can turn a boring jar into a petrifying one!


OMG this is horrible – excellent! Instructions here.


Dry ice is your Halloween friend!


This shower curtain is sure to frighten your guests!



Two jack-o'-lanterns are always better than one!


Create this terrifying toilet-demon!


How about creating a seasonal wreath?


This is so cool!


These glowing ghost milk jugs can be made for pennies!


Everyone needs some paper cut-out bats at Halloween!


Make some spooky suspended ghosts with Styrofoam balls, cheesecloth and a sharpie.


These luminaries are made with old coffee cans, paint and a drill.


Lastly, these ghostly chicken wire figures take some effort to make but look amazing when illuminated at night!

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